"E 'l naufragar m'è dolce in questo mare"

Paradise Possible’s adventure is a constant journey with the flag of knowledge at heart, which we share with all those who reach for undiscovered worlds and go beyond borders in search of new landscapes.

Back in February, Giuliano, Francesca e Francesco lived a memorable adventure in County Mayo, in the Western Region of Ireland, thanks to the exquisite hospitality and collaboration of Irish friends, profound and passionate connoisseurs of their own land and villages, roads, hills, beaches, lakes, lighthouses, abbeys, restaurants…. All places where every single element - the sun, the water, the wind, the history, the artists and the atmosphere of a different world - played a part in making our three correspondents happy to be there.

It was four days when Joanne, Peter, Anna, Padraig and Jim took them by the hand on a journey through the region. Driving off the beaten track across a countryside populated with multi-coloured sheep, on coastal roads and through ancient villages, they found the evidence that a different way of communicating between people is still possible, and that arts and humanity are the great strength of a territory, and that’s what they liked so much of County Mayo, our candidate…. paradise possible.

We are delighted to award County Mayo its place among the destinations not to be missed, on a map where the beauty of the places and the diversity of the cultures make each journey a unique experience and give travellers the pleasure of discovering a new world.

For all our visitors and friends who have followed us all the way to our first paradise, Le Marche, our promise is to take them on a journey to a new one, County Mayo, through the many opportunities that the new collaboration between Paradise Possible, Mayo County Council and the Western Development Commission will be launching over the next few months.

Day after day, our adventure is a constant journey towards new horizons to pursue and new relationships to build, to make sure that the new generations can find more and more opportunities to make their own journey a happy one.

Which reminds me of Benedick’s words in Much Ado About Nothing: “be happy, and never give up on seeking the truth and new ways to make others happy”.

Enjoy your journey!

Grazia Grazi

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